Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cold Ode

Yesterday, I caught a cold.
Today, it's what's got me.
I'm puttin' scarves around my neck
And whiskey in my tea.

My ears ache with a vengeance.
My bones are sore, to boot.
If Mom were still alive today
She'd brew sarsaparilla root.

She'd rub my chest with Vapo-Rub
She would make me stay in bed.
She'd pour concoctions down my throat
And lay hot cloths on my head.

She'd pile on quilts and covers
Until I soaked the sheets with sweat.
She'd make me sleep the day away
And serve food, soft and wet.

She'd yell at me if I got up
And order me back down.
She'd feed me oatmeal with a spoon
And do it with a frown.

She'd mend me with her voodoo.
Cured in two weeks from her ways.
But with her gone I'll have this cold
Another fourteen days.
L G Vernon 2009


Anonymous said...

You're a scream...

Mari said...

You are one super lady, Linda! I'm glad I came over to see how you are doing.