Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Escape

Here's a super-short story I wrote a few years ago~~Enjoy! LG

Mouse-ear sized leaves shimmered in the sunlight overhead. Green, so green. Mariah peered north. There was nothing, yet.

“I’ll be there. I’ll meet you by the elm at the corner of the pasture. Wait for me,” he’d said. Mariah smiled, recalling the flash of his grin.

She eyed her suitcase, then sauntered around the tree's trunk, fingering the bark. Please come. Please, please. She squinted north again to the rise in the dirt road. Her mind said she heard the sound of a car. Her breath caught; she lifted the suitcase, then dropped it. No, no car, yet.

The screen door banged against the empty house. The windows mocked her. He’s not coming, you know, they said. He never was. Mariah smoothed her pink dimity skirt, then her curls. He liked her curls. She moved to the other side of the tree so the house couldn’t see her. Tears throbbed in her throat, burning her eyelids.

“He’ll be here,” she declared. Breezes tickled the mouse-ear leaves, dappling her with shadows. His car crested the rise. “Told you so,” she whispered to the house.

“Hello, Mr. Bundy,” she said, climbing into the sedan.

“Hello, Mariah, dear—and please call me Ted.”


stoneage said...

Hi Linda,
Good short story! Scary! What was the name of the Halloween story you wrote some years back and won an award for it? That was a terrific story! I can't find my copy and would love to see it again. Linna

LGVernon said...

I think I know which one you mean. I'll be posting several over the next few days~~that one will be among them.

Rick said...

Son of a gun I liked that! Didn't catch it at first, and enjoyed the sensation of double-take... wait a minute mister who??

LGVernon said...

Thanks, Rick!~~When I wrote this short, short story, I really had no idea what direction it was going to take. The twist just happened. LG